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How to fix the charging sessions schedule loop bug? (iOS app release 2.34)

We know that some people running the myWallbox app on iOS have recently experienced a bug with the scheduled charging sessions, coming along with the iOS app release 2.34.

Bug Description

iOS users with scheduled charging sessions in their app who opened it while a schedule was active would go into a loop where the charger would cycle between the “waiting for car connection” and “waiting for car demand” status. The charge would not proceed. Additionally, scheduled charging sessions would no longer work.

How to fix it?

This bug appeared with release 2.34 (only for iOS, Android version is not affected) and has been fixed with the next releases. However, if the issue did not get solved by itself when updating the app, deleting and recreating your charging sessions schedule will fix the problem.

Updated on 23/08/2022

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