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How to create and assign a Pay per Charge billing rate to your charger(s)

To set up your charger(s) for the Pay per Charge billing solution, you need to create billing rates and assign them to your charger. 

⚠️ In order to be able to create a rate, you need to be logged as the Super-Admin of the Space, have an active subscription for a myWallbox Business Plan and have a Stripe account linked to your Wallbox account. 

For the Pay per charge billing solution, you can set a Time reservation fee, billed in Price – EUR* / Hour.

[BETA TESTERS ONLY] If you are part of the beta testers program, you can choose between two charging methods:

  • Charging time fee (charged in Price — EUR* / Hour)
  • Consumed energy fee (charged in Price — EUR* / kWh) – your charger needs to be equipped with a MID meter.
  • On top of this variable fee, you can add a fixed service fee that will apply to all your users’ charging sessions (this can be likened to a charger “unlocking fee”).

    *The currency depends on the configuration of your Space.

    Creating and assigning a Pay per Charge billing rate

    Follow the steps below to create and assign a rate to your charger(s):

    1. Go to Chargers.
    2. Select any charger.
    3. Click Payments Settings.
    4. Click Assign rates.
    5. Switch on the toggle button for Pay per charge and click on the Rates drop-down menu.
    6. Click Create a new rate.
    7. Name and configure your new rate.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Your rate now appears in the Rates section (Payments > Rates). You can manage all your rates from here. 
    10. Now that your first rate is created, go back to Chargers.
    11. Select the charger(s) or the Location you want to apply the new rate to.
    12. Switch on the toggle button for Pay per charge and click on the Rates drop-down menu.
    13. Select the rate you created.
    14. Click Next.
    15. Check the Resume and click Next to validate.
    16. Your rate is now assigned to your charger(s)/location(s).

    Managing your rates

    As mentioned in the previous steps, you can fully manage all your rates via the dedicated Payments > Rates area.

    Here you can view all your rates, their properties (variable fee type, price, …) and check if they are assigned at a glance. You can also create new rates, delete them or modify them directly from this area.


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    Updated on 27/01/2022

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