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How to create a myWallbox account and Log in from myWallbox website

How to create a myWallbox account and Log in from myWallbox website

First access to the myWallbox portal – URL: https://my.wallbox.com/login

If you have already created an account using the Wallbox App, use the same username and

password when entering the website. Otherwise, create a new account now via the website.

  • In order to create a myWallbox account, click on the register button.
  • A registration pop-up will appear
  • Fill in your personal information and continue.

  • After that, a confirmation pop-up appears
  • Then you will receive an email in your inbox to confirm your account. In case you do not have the email in your inbox, please check the spam folder.
  • Once in your email, click the “Confirm” button to start using your account.

  • After clicking “Confirm”, you are redirected to a license registration pop-up

Once your account is created, you will belong to a group in which you are the super-administrator. When other users invite you to join their groups, you will not be the super-administrator. You will be just an administrator or user, depending on their group invitation specifications.


Once your account is confirmed, you just need to login to the myWallbox

website.. You will be redirected to the myWallbox main page

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Updated on 13/01/2020

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