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How to Configure a PIN for a user

1. Introduction

Wallbox always wants to provide its customers the best products, services and user experience. A very important part of this user experience is the Wallbox app and the myWallbox portal.

Both the app and the portal allow the customer to have full control of their charging experience, collecting charger session information, statistics, consumption, users, etc. This allows all our customers to have full management of their energy consumption and cost savings related to electric vehicle adoption.

You can find the details for all the users in a group or a subgroup on the myWallbox portal. If you are the Super administrator of the group, you can modify the user role and assign chargers to users in a group or a subgroup.

2. PIN configuration by user

Authentication via PIN gives you the option to identify yourself using a personal identification number. You need to put a four-digit numerical pin in the user settings section of mywallbox portal. This pIN will remain unique for each user. To authenticate the charging session, the user needs to enter the pin on the charger and the charging session commences. This feature is only available for the Commander family of chargers.

  1. Access the Users page of your group on the mywallbox portal.

2. Click Commander PIN icon corresponding to your name.

3. In the PIN section introduce a four digits numerical code.

4. Click Save.

Alternately, you can enter or modify the PIN code from the Account Settings section on the top left of your screen.

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Updated on 19/02/2020

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