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Presentation of charger’s Spaces and Locations

Charger Spaces and Locations act as groups and subgroups. This functionality helps you to keep your chargers organized and to perform bulk configurations on chargers and users.

1. Charger Spaces

All the Spaces that you are the Operator, Super-Admin, or Admin for are displayed in your account.

The Spaces (groups) contain the Locations (subgroup) that you assign to them. You can access your Spaces and Locations by clicking “Chargers”.

2. Charger Locations

Locations are subgroups that contain your chargers. You can add as many Locations as you need and as many chargers as needed into the Locations.

You can give a personalized name to your Locations by clicking on their names.

You can also assign them a Rate that you define (Pay Per Month, Pay Per Charge or based on Energy cost). This Rate can always be edited by clicking the Settings button of the Location.

Once Locations created, you are able to add chargers in them.

3. Chargers list and information

On the Chargers page, you will find the list of chargers assigned to your Space and the following information about the chargers:

  • Charger name: by default, the charger’s Serial Number is displayed.
  • MID meter status: the MID logo will display if your MID meter is correctly installed.
  • Update status: the update logo will display in black if an update is available.
  • Locking status: a lock indicates if the charger is locked or not.
  • Current connection type: the signal strength will also be visible here, whether it is through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Charger status: Locked, Charging, Updating, …

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Updated on 19/10/2021

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