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How to add your charger to your account through the portal?

You can easily link your charger to your account through the myWallbox mobile app (using the QR code method) or the myWallbox portal.

The supported browsers for the myWallbox portal are Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Remember that to add a charger through the portal, you must have a Standard or Business myWallbox subscription.

It is not necessary to be close to the charger to follow this process. The charger can be turned off or not even installed yet.

  1. Log into the myWallbox portal by filling in your credentials, or register if you do not have an account yet.

  2. Click Chargers, then Add charger.

  3. Fill in the Serial Number (SN) of your charger and its Unique Identification Number (UID) – if you can’t find this information, please refer to this article. Then select the country and region where the charger is installed. Finally, select the Location where you want to add it and click on Add chargers

If you need to add more chargers at the same time, click “+ Add one more charger”.

  1. The charger now appears in your list of chargers.


  • Can anyone else add my charger to their account?
    A charger can only be added once, no one else will be able to add it.
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Updated on 06/04/2022

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