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Notifications on the myWallbox app

1. Introduction

We at Wallbox always strive to provide our customers the best products, services, and user experience. A very important part of providing a great user experience is the myWallbox mobile application.

The app allows our customers to have full control of their charging experience, collecting charger session information, statistics, consumption, users, etc. The myWallbox app sends user-friendly notifications so that you can monitor your current charging session in real-time and receive notifications when your vehicle has completed charging.

With the help of these notifications, you can continue with your chores without the need of keeping track of the elapsed charging time.

2. User Notifications

You can enable the user notifications from the User Details section of the myWallbox app.

The myWallbox app currently sends the following three notifications:

  • Your charge has finished: You will receive this notification when your ongoing charge session is finished. This usually happens when the vehicle’s battery is charged fully, and it stops demanding more charge. To receive this notification, ensure that the EV plug is still connected to the vehicle.
  • Your public charge has finished: You will receive this notification when your charge session on a public charger is finished. This usually happens when the configured charging time for you is over even if the vehicle is demanding more charge.
  • Schedules coming soon: You will receive this notification 10 minutes before the commencement of your scheduled charging session only if the EV plug is not connected to the vehicle. If the EV plug is connected, the charging session will commence at the scheduled time without sending any notification.

Note: In a multi-user set-up the charge finish notifications will be received only if the auto-lock feature of the charger is enabled.

3. Enabling the notifications feature

You can enable the notifications feature from the user details section of the app. Perform the following steps to enable the notifications feature:

  1. Open the myWallbox app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the user icon to access the user details.


4. Enable the notifications relevant to you.


  • Enable the ACTIVE ALL switch to receive all the notifications.

5. Click SAVE.

You will now start receiving the notifications.

Updated on 25/02/2022

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