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How to update the charger firmware

Periodically, Wallbox releases software updates to add functionality to improve the performance of your charger. To perform software updates with the myWallbox mobile app, you will need an internet connection and your charger needs to be currently connected to your smartphone.

Please ensure that the EV connector is not plugged into the car during this process.

Software Update Process 

1. Using the myWallbox mobile app, connect to your charger using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

IMPORTANT: if you are using the 4.4.1 version, you WILL NOT be able to update via Bluetooth, only with Wi-Fi. If no Wi-FI connection is available please use a mobile hotspot connection. Subsequent updates will be enabled via Bluetooth.

2. Head to the dashboard of the charger you need to upgrade the firmware for, and tap the gear icon at the top right of the screen.

If an update is available, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

3. Click the update message. The app will show all the relevant information during the updating process.

4. Click OK to continue with the update. During the update process, the charger LED halo will turn white and rotate clockwise. 

5. Once the update is done, a message will notify you!

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not turn off the charger and do not close or log out of the app during the update process.

Updated on 28/07/2021

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