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How to set up Wi-Fi for your charger with the myWallbox app

Wi-Fi connectivity allows real-time communication with your Wallbox charger, remote control of the device, and to stay always up to date through software updates.

Before starting, please make sure that you have a working Wi-Fi connection available within the range of your charger.

You can also use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot if there is no Wi-Fi network available.

  1. To ensure that the steps below run smoothly, make sure both your charger and myWallbox app have the latest version available (you can check the app version in your Play Store or App Store and the software version in the Release Notes section).
  2. Log into the myWallbox app by filling in your credentials, or register if you do not have an account yet.
  3. Select your charger.
  4. Tap the Settings icon.
  6. Tap WIFI.
  7. The Wi-Fi connection of the charger can be activated or deactivated. Once activated, the list of available networks will appear.
  8. When you click on one of the available connections, you will connect to that network or if it is protected, you will be invited to enter a password.

Once connected, if you want to have information about the network, click the “i” icon.

Updated on 04/04/2022

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